Daily Tidbits 4/29 – 4 Elements

In the beginning Elohim created the heavens and the earth.  His Spirit (wind) moved upon the waters, and He said let there be Light (fire) which brought forth all matter (earth).  That which is taught in science and the ancient religions will always trace back to the Holy Scriptures for they are the sole basis of Truth in this world.  If there is any hint of truth in any thing, it will always trace back to the Word.  YHWH has embedded His Image in all of His creation.  This image has been corrupted, as in the corruption of the doctrine related to the 4 elements in the Mystery religions but the Truth is at the foundation.

The God Code pg 72

“In general, the basis of alchemical studies began with a single tenet stating that our world, and everything in it, is made of three simple elements….Fire, Air, and Water.  In early descriptions, although three elements are identified, those who understood the natural order of our world always implied the existence of a fourth, secret element.  The missing element, ‘Earth,’ is explicitly mentioned in later alchemical traditions.  The pre-Christian scribes of the Dead Sea Scrolls, the ancient Essenes, described all four forces of creation as ‘angels’ and named them accordingly:  the Angel of the Wind, the Angel of the Sun, the Angel of the Water, and the Angel of the Earth….Were our scientific forebearers simply telling us that heat, liquid, air, and minerals make up our bodies and all that we see?”

Periodicity of the Periodic Table of Elements – Yitzhak Ginsburgh


“Metals and Hydrogen”
“After accounting for the 15 non-metals we now remain with 71 – these are known as metals.  However, in many renditions of the periodic table, hydrogen, the element with atomic number 1, is classified by itself.  Implying that hydrogen is for various reasons ‘above’ the classification into metals and non-metals.  How should we understand the role of hydrogen among the elements? To give an answer, we must first reintroduce the classical model of the four elements of antiquity and its modern-day correspondence.

“The classical element ‘water’ naturally corresponds to hydrogen (e.g. in modern nomenclature, the prefix ‘hydro’ denotes a ‘watery’ characteristic”

In Rabbinic thought, water corresponds to ‘Wisdom’
Psa 104:24  O YHWH, how many are Your works! You have made all of them in wisdom; the earth is full of Your riches.

“The numerical value of aleph is 1, as is the atomic number of hydrogen, strengthening our identification”

Hydrogen the ‘primal element’

Published in New York Times December 2, 1878

“Mr. Lockyer believes that in spite of the multiform aspects of the world in which we live, there is but one form of matter which is truly elementary.  The primal elements is presented to us in the shape of hydrogen…Mr. Lockyer himself has arrived, by means of the spectroscope, at the conclusion that hydrogen can no longer be regarded as a simple element.  Further, he believes he has proved that hydrogen is the one body of which the various metals and earths that have hitherto constituted the chemist’s catalogue of elements are composed.  So novel and striking an interpretation of all the phenomena of animate and inanimate nature, of all that we can see in the starry depths around us, as well as on our own globe, is difficult at first sight to entertain.  That the substance we have heretofore known as a single unit in the great cosmical laboratory should be endowed with such Protean capacities of form, is a conception which utterly eclipses all that poetry or mythology has ever inspired, and the world becomes intinitely more wonderful by such revelations as now seem to be brought within our grasp.”

All of the elements come forth from hydrogen/ie water?  This is an interesting concept, since the Torah speaks of all of creation coming forth out of water

Gen 1:1  In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth;
Gen 1:2  and the earth being without form and empty, and darkness on the face of the deep, and the Spirit of God moving gently on the face of the waters,

Messiah Yahshua is the Living Waters (John 4:10-14; 7:37-39)

Hydrogen = Aleph

Each Hebrew letter is a picture of Messiahclick here, the letter Aleph, in particular points to Messiah as Elohim.

Wisdom in the Hebrew Alphabet pg 45

Aleph linked to the Sacred Name

Wisdom in the Hebrew Alphabet pg 44

Rev 19:13  And he was clothed with a vesture dipped in blood: and his name is called The Word of God.

Interestingly, Gregg Braden, in his book ‘The God Code’, links the name YHWH to the 4 elements of the earth.  Braden associates hydrogen with the element of fire however.  Is Braden correct, or Ginzburgh correct?  Perhaps both are.  In the beginning, matter came forth from a matrix of water (Genesis 1:2) but at the same time matter sprang forth from Light (fire)click here.  Messiah is the waters (John 4:10-14; 7:37-39) & the Light (John 1:9; 8:12; 9:5; 12:46)

In the Kabbalistic book of Sepher Yetsirah (Book of Creation), which I do not recommend everyone read unless they are firmly grounded in the Holy Scriptures and are led by the Holy Spirit to do so, it is said that “The three Basics, א, מ, ש, are a great, concealed, mystical exalted secret, from which emanates Fire, Breath and Water, from which everything was created,” “Three Mothers, ש, מ, א in the Universe are Air, Water, Fire.”

The God Code pg 79

“Described through a form of ‘verbal alchemy,’ the verses show us how knowledge of the power in each letter is the key to understanding the forces of the universe:

‘He made the letter Alef king over Breath…

He made Mem king over water…

He made Shin king over fire…’

The God Code pg 103

“…following the formation of the 22 letters of creation from which all else would be formed, three letters were selected and given a place of honor and respect unlike any other letters of the alphabet.  In addition to being the ‘stuff’ that our world is made of, these letters were also to become the foundation for the name of God:  the one name by which God would be known on Earth.

‘He chose three letters from among the Elementals [in the mystery of the three mothers Alef Mem Shin] And He set them in His great Name…’

By combining the three Mother Letters, God ‘sealed’ and defined the space of his creation”

Braden links ש, מ, א to ו, ה, י, the 3 letters of YHWH’s Name.

Gregg Braden connects the letters yod, heh, vav with the elements hydrogen, nitrogen & oxygen by their ‘simple mass’.  Hydrogen 1 = yod 10 (1 + 0 = 1), Nitrogen 14 (1 + 4 = 5) and Oxygen 15 (1 + 5 = 6).

The God Code pg 113

“He chose three letters…He set them in His great name…a great, concealed, mystical exalted secret from which emanates Fire, Breath and Water, from which everything was created.”

“All that is formed, and all that is spoken, is one name.”

The God Code pg 109

“From the 118 elements known to exist, only 4 of those elements account for over 99 percent of the human body: hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen, and carbon.”

Hence, hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen and carbon correspond to what the ancients spoke of as fire, water, air and earth.  Just as the Holy Scriptures speak of man coming from the dust of the earth (Genesis 2:7).

The God Code pg 112

“Through determining their simple mass, the elements of DNA (hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen and carbon) within our bodies may now be replaced with four letters of the Hebrew alphabet: Yod, Hey, Vav, and Gimel, thus revealing that our DNA may be read literally as a translatable alphabet within each of our cells.”

The God Code pg 135

The God Code pg 136

“When we substitute modern elements for all four letters of God’s ancient name, we see a result that, at first blush, may be unexpected.  Replacing the final H in YHVH with its chemical equivalent of nitrogen, God’s name becomes the elements hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen and nitrogen (HNON) – all colorless, odorless, and invisible gases!  In other words, replacing 100 percent of God’s personal name with the elements of this world creates a substance that is an intangible, yet very real form of creation!”

“Additionally, the first chapters of Genesis relate that it is in a nonphysical form that the Creator was present during the time of creation (Genesis 1:2).  It was the ‘spirit of God’ that first moved over the face of the earth.”

“The Sepher Yetzirah further describes the first Hebrew letter to emerge from the void of creation as the Mother Letter that made the universe possible: Alef.  Through a great, mystical ‘secret’ Alef then evolved into the first element to appear in our universe, hydrogen, as well as the first letter of God’s name : Yod.”

Joh 5:43  I have come in the name of My Father, and you do not receive Me. If another comes in his own name, you will receive that one.

The God Code pg 151

Yahshua came in the likeness of man YHVG, but also in the Name of the Father YHWH.  It is interesting that Yahshua in Greek = 888.  The man of sin = 666.


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2 comments on “Daily Tidbits 4/29 – 4 Elements

  1. thank you Levi for this wonderful blog entry!

    the 4 elements have been my primary focus of study for the last 15 years. i just graduated with an MA in Philosophy and Religion with a concentration Elemental Theory.

    the first ting you brought up has been puzzling me for some time.

    “His Spirit (wind) moved upon the waters, and He said let there be Light (fire) which brought forth all matter (earth). ”

    the word ‘spirit’ in latin or ‘pnuema’ in Greek does mean breath, but the usage of the word seems to me to refer to the concept of Fire in alchemical studies. Air, which is not wind, refers conception ally to the logos.

    this issue of the words for Fire and Air being switched with their conceptual meanings of Spirit and Mind is a tricky issues which i have attempted to solve in this way:

    beginning implies time. before the beginning there is being, but time and space are relationships to being, not being itself. being is non-rational or in other words non-spatial for rationality is from ratio or the relation between two things.

    Owen Barfield from Samuel Coleridge from Jakob Böhme from unknown to me Greek philosophers:
    there’s this idea of polarity that maintains oneness. Swedenborg called God’s Love and Wisdom discernibly one. This also is consistent with the Tao. The idea that God is One or that the source of all Creation is God as One and then God divides into many as Creation. each division is a pole that maintains the previous quality as its root pole.

    One——> Yang——> Fire(Spirit)
    ——> Air (Mind)
    ––––> Yin ——> Water (Soul/Psyche)
    ——> Earth (Body)

    in the Oneness, there is no time or space. when Yang differentiates from Oneness, Yin is created as well. there is still no time or space, but there is being and non-being. when Air differentiates from Yang, then time and space begin. thus, in the beginning was the word or logos or logic or form or Air.

    i think of it as if God speaks creation into existence where the breath is the living water or Fire•Water. the Water being the unmoving oxygen as potential in the lungs, the fire being the force or vectored impulse to move that air out the mouth. as the Fire•Water or breath moves it passes the lungs which is the Air or patterning part of speech. the vocal chords are vibrating to shape the breath as it moves through the throat. patterned breath or Airy Fire•Water then takes physical form as sound. sound is literally physical. it is the moment of the material world.

    this is a process of moving from potential to actual. in Whitehead, there are 4 phases of concrescence or potential concreting (becoming hard like concrete) into actuality. i show these for phases to correlate to the four elements. Water is ultimate potential of time and space. Fire choses the time. Air limits the space. Earth is the limited or actualized time and space. you can think of a graph — say y=x^2. the space without any grid marks is the Water. the Air is the formula itself which relates y to x by limiting it spatially. the equation is eternal, a requirement for logical statements, or temporally potential. the space is limited. for x=3, must equal 9. Fire chooses when, Air chooses where. Fire can choose any value for x in any sequence. there is nothing rational about this. so, in this example, Water is all potential numbers. Fire chooses at some point in time a value for x. Air returns a value for y. Earth is the resultant y at the time of Fire. Earth is actualized time and space, for example.

    Water — potentialTIME, potentialSPACE
    Fire — actualTIME, potentialSPACE

    these are the non-rational elements or elements of being for there are spatially potential

    Air — potentialTIME, actualSPACE
    Earth — actualTIME, actualSPACE

    these are therational elements or elements of relationship for there are spatially actual

    so i see in the beginning the Fire is Airing(hovering) over the Water concreting it into actual Earth.

    when we say someone is spirited, we mean they are fiery, not super intelligent. when we say they are soulful, we mean they have feeling or a watery quality. Jung used the elements this way for personality:

    Fire – intuition (to know)
    Air – thinking
    Water – feeling
    Earth – sensing

    he then grouped Fire and Earth into Perception and Water and Air into Judging which you can see above Fire and Earth are actualTIME or perceiving at this moment and Water and Air are potentialTIME or judging against all moments.

    another dimension i’d like to mention is points of perspective. i call them I, We, All.

    so, while there is an All Air or the Mind of God or the Divine Logos. there is also the I Air or the mind of every atom or the logos as in ology (biology, etc.) in this way, the All Air can be seen as more towards the language and the I Air are the actual words with the I Earth the physical forms formed by the pattern limitations of I Air (like the parabola y=x^2 mentioned above) and in We Air harmony with the All Air.

    anyway, Levi, i’d love your feedback on this. i want to make my ideas Biblically valid and sound.

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