Attack on the Apostle Paul

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3 comments on “Attack on the Apostle Paul

  1. Doesn’t Paul teach that eating food sacrificed to idols is permissible as long as it doesn’t cause some one to stumble into idolatry? Doesn’t he also teach that those who only eat vegetables for such reason has a seared conscience?

    • I know this is a dated question, but as I have come to understand this, Paul taught that the liberty we have is in no longer being under the ordinances (of food prohibitions, for example), but that just because we have this liberty, it is not always ‘expedient’ to do so– Basically, that we have to be careful to whom sees our freedom/liberty because THEIR conscience prohibits such. For example, my conscience knows this particular liberty, in that I have no condemnation if I eat shellfish, even though it is an OT food laws prohibition. Even so, if I am in the presence of others whom I know DO adhere to them, who would be offended and judge me by THEIR conscience if I did, out of respect for THEIR conscience (not for mine), I will also adhere to it.

      If we eat foods sacrificed to idols (spiritually speaking as well) knowing that it means nothing (we do not give it ‘power’ by belief), then it is permissible as long as doing so does not cause someone who sees us doing so to stumble (judging you a heretic, for example, and this is b/c it is THEIR conscience at work).

      We all probably started and some still do have, very limiting beliefs about what it means to follow Christ that tend to put us in bondage. To some, this means following the food laws in the bible, to others it’s no makeup, no dancing, no music (or only certain instruments), a certain day of worship, etc., etc.

      When we finally come out from under the bondage of some of this thinking, we have to remember there are others still in bondage to it– and b/c of that, we have to be careful when and how we exercise this liberty so that we do not cause others to stumble.

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