Daily Tidbits 12/19/11 – The Cat

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One comment on “Daily Tidbits 12/19/11 – The Cat

  1. How timely this information, Thank you Dear Sir. I am again amazed at the LORDs timing of things. A little story: Earlier while purusing my emails I spied a current newsletter from a group who does as their namesake says: Thriftyfun.com. June 2012’s newsletter posted from several cat owners complaining that their cats have begun incessant meowing day and night and its driving them batty. The pet owners want hints and tips to stop this. Hee Hee, I say, let them alone, and let the humans join in , otherwise those rocks outside will be calling forth His Praises as well. Perhaps the cats are crying Maranantha!!! in “cat-eze”. Here is a cut and paste of some owners plea for relief:

    Cat Started Meowing All the Time
    My 6 yr old cat, out of the blue, has decided he wants outside. He was born at a local animal clinic and has never been outside, and he was neutered and declawed as soon as he was old enough. He has the most horrible loud meow and it is constant morning, noon, and night. I’m about to wring his neck.

    There have been no changes in living quarters, food, litter box locations, etc. He has never been a lap kitty or lovable cat, but does like to play with a long piece of fabric on a stick. No matter how much attention we give him, he still goes around the house meowing. He is up to date with vaccinations and regular checkups. We have 2 other cats (he’s grown up with them and does play with them) and they seem fine. Many of you may find this amusing, but it is very frustrating to us. It’s driving us crazy!

    Another owner:
    I have a six year old female cat named Rosie. She is wonderful. My only issue is about an hour prior to my getting up each morning, she start meowing and won’t stop. I will call her, and she will come to my bed for a few minutes, leave and start meowing all over again. It is not because she is hungry or thirsty because there is always food available for her. Also the kitty litter is scooped each day to ensure cleanliness. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

    By Karyn01 from Ottawa, Canada

    A child owner:
    Kitten is Constantly Meowing
    I have a new 2 month old kitten, and he is constantly meowing for no reason. I was just wondering if there is anything I can do to make him stop it’s driving my parents insane!

    The timing of these two emails, one for fun, the other for LIFE, is mighty suspicious to me. Seems to Have Holy Spirit finger prints all over it.

    Make us ready LORD, even so Lord Jesus Christ, COME. SOON. PLEASE.

    Thank you Sir Levi

    grateful Barbara Ann Jessup

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