Daily Tidbits 3/18 – Grover Cleveland

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4 comments on “Daily Tidbits 3/18 – Grover Cleveland

  1. Levi,
    “Cleveland’s name is speaking of Jacob becoming Israel.” Do you have an explanation as to why Israel is still called Jacob AFTER God said His name would be changed?

    • That’s a good question. I don’t know if I have a definitive answer as I’ve asked that question myself and haven’t been shown a definite answer yet. For now, I believe that it might be a reference to the fleshly nature of Jacob and his children. That would be a good study to go through and find out for sure though…

      YHWH Bless,

      • Perhaps The LORD was forecasting the bifurcation that would occur to Israel after Solomon. There are “Those who wrestle with God” and “the supplanters”. The LORD continues to call on both of their names throughout the scripture.

        May The Most High bless you as well

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