Daily Tidbits 3/27 – Aries

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4 comments on “Daily Tidbits 3/27 – Aries

  1. Levi,
    I’m interested in hearing if you think that the son of perdition will come in the form of the pierced one as X,xi,S seems to imply. Will it not have actual human form or be just a symbol that the false prophet is able to make alive and speak? If you don’t wish to speculate openly you can email me at 1commonground@gmail.com.

    • Sorry about the delayed response. I believe the antichrist will come appearing as Messiah Yahshua with signs and wonders that could deceive even the elect. I believe he will be in human form but appear as a ‘god-man’ who promises all those who receive his mark will be ‘gods’ as well.

      • That’s what my studies show as well. Fascinating! I have also seen what wisdom declares. The anti christ is a “would be, crucified, Jesus impersonator. I call him Barrabas and I have warned against him among my evangelical brethren, but everyone seems to recoil at the thought that the son of perdition is Christian in form. Ah, but only in form Levi, only in form. There is only one Jesus, The Lamb of God, who has taken away my hunger, and who is my Master. Thank you so much my friend for your forthright answer to a direct question. We will know the tree by it’s fruit, in the latter days.

  2. how can he be precisely be distinguished?
    honestly i am very afraid of it it started few days ago… it is like a immense anxiety
    my point is i don’t want to be deceived all i seek is truth and salvation

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