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11 comments on “Links

  1. Greetings! I started reading and am loving it, but it is so much it will be a bit before I can read through it all. Do you have a “what I belive” page? I seem to understand that you believe in Christ by grace through faith, but I just wanted to read your testimony and biblical tennants. I am definately subscribing and now am your facebook friend. Thanks for all the research, you are a brother in christ after my own heart. I love to dig deep into God’s word, I do love Christ, what a Savior to save me…. God bless

    • I’m glad the studies have been a blessing. I just try to share what the Father has shown me that has drawn me closer to Him.

      I don’t have a ‘what I believe page.’ I believe Genesis 1:1-Revelation 22:21. I believe every word of the Word is true. As for doctrine, if you are curious as to what I think on a particular subject of the Word just ask and I’ll be glad to answer.

      YHWH bless,

      • I guess I making sure you are not a “date” setter !! I believe the complete bible also, your web page is so full of information that I cant imagine how much research and time it has taken you. I am so glad you are doing this, however, it is something I read everyday. I just wish I could print it all out and write notes! I would like to know if you believe in a secret rapture. I do not, I believe when Christ returns it will be when every eye will see Him and not a secret for “believers”. Everything I study does not seem to point to a secret rapture, however so many mainline teachers whom I greatly respect teach that all “christians” will not suffer under the “great tribulation” that i wanted to know where you stood on that issue. I am a believer that believes I am completely born into sin and that every molecule of my body is tainted with sin and that I cannot save myself and that it is God’s divine pleasure to save me and not anything that I have done or can do. I am very thankful that somehow He chose to pour out His grace on me and I believed. One more quick question, if I were to start reading all the pages you have written, should I just start at the beginning dates of your blog or a particular series? I just dont know where to start. Thank you for all your work and one day on the other side of this world I look forward to meeting you when we all are in Christ’s presence.

      • No, I’m definitely not a date setter :) I’ve seen enough people set dates and make timelines that have failed to know that we can’t set dates. Its not for us to know. We are to take what we know and serve Him, He will take care of the hows and whens.

        I had some health issues that kept me from working for a few years and I took advantage of the time off by studying and researching. I don’t get to spend as much time now but I still try to get at least 3 or so hours a day in the early hours of the morning to study and pray.

        I have put the studies into ‘book’ form if you do want hard copies to put notes on. You can get them from at cost, I don’t make any sort of profit off of them. {}

        I don’t believe in a ‘secret rapture’ either. I don’t believe the Scriptures support the theory. I agree with you that we will be ‘raptured’ at the time when Messiah returns and every eye will see Him. If you’re interested I’ll post the link to the study/notes I have on the subject. I would have posted it now but it appears that is not working at the moment.

        There’s no real starting point for the studies on the website, I’ve separated them into subjects. The most basic studies are the Biblical definitions which take Biblical topics and compare Scripture with Scripture to see what the Word is portraying for that particular word. If you’re interested in end time prophecies I’ve got a section on that. The more in depth studies are the ‘Shadows of Messiah’, ‘Messiah in the Torah’, ‘Feasts of the Beasts’ and ‘Mark of the Beast- The Great Counterfeit.’ If you have a particular interest let me know and I’ll point you to the write area if I have any information on what you’re looking for.

        Messiah in Torah is self explanatory. Its a series that I’m working on attempting to show the Messiah starting from Genesis 1:1 until the book of Matthew.

        Shadows of Messiah is about the shadow pictures of Messiah embedded in creation. (This is actually my favorite subject, I look forward to getting back to this subject in greater detail in the future, Yah willing). I personally recommend these as starters as I try to show examples of how everything we experience in this life is a shadow picture that was designed to draw us to Messiah.

        Feasts of the Beasts is about the holidays of the world and how they fit into the counterfeit beast system.

        Mark of the Beast is an indepth study on the mark and its connections to DNA and how it is a counterfeit of the mark of YHWH. This is the most ‘popular’ of the studies I’ve done. I am currently working on the last part and then it will be completed. It is going to end up being 4 volumes in book form of around 500 pages each, so there is a lot of information in the series.

        I’m also working on showing Messiah from an etymological view focusing mostly on Hebrew but also I hope to use other languages as well. I’ve only done a handful of studies on these so far.

        There’s also a video page which has like 900 or more videos that I’ve run across that have been helpful in my research. I don’t agree with a lot of them but there is useful information in all of them that helps one understand the Word better.

        An index of all my studies and video studies can be found at

        Hope to see you in the Kingdom as well. YHWH Bless you and keep you, Levi.

    • Thanks for the kind words. I don’t travel and speak, I work a full time job and have an 8 month old baby to help take care of so my time is pretty strapped. I work on these studies in the morning, usually between 3AM-7AM.

      If you’d like to contact me email is the best at If you need my phone number I will gladly give it to you over the email.

    • I do not believe a belief in the triunity of the Almighty is idolatry as Scripture is full of references to the Father, Son & Spirit. We must heed the words of Job and not judge one another on our attempts to understand God.
      Job 11:7 Canst thou by searching find out God? canst thou find out the Almighty unto perfection?

  2. Thank you so very much for what you have done here. This work is such a blessing of information for all who would believe. It’s my sincere prayer that you be blessed every time a life is helped by the use thereof. This truly glorifies and uplifts The LORD JESUS CHRIST. I’m just a sinner Saved by Grace who looks to see our LORD.

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