Mark of the Beast – The Great Counterfeit

mark of the beast the great counterfeit

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Mark of the Beast – the Great Counterfeit


3 comments on “Mark of the Beast – The Great Counterfeit

  1. i love your site,but i have one thing i think you should know.the true spelling of our savior’s name is YAHUWSHUWAH,TRUE HEBREW,AND THE FATHER IS YAHUWAH.THE 12 TRIBES OF ISRAEL WHEN CAPTUERD BY THE EGYPTIONS WERE CALLED YAHUW’S.after 400 years with the Egyptions they quit saying YAHHUWAH’S name.the true spelling has been hid from us for centuries,here in the last days it is being reveled.

  2. What do you mean that “the true spelling has been hid from us for centuries”? You mean the Holy Bible hid this truth. It says Jesus, and that is the name. It says Yahweh, that is the name. It is inconsistent with the Word of God what you said that it has been hid for centuries!! Bible also says “whosoever will call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved”. How do we call Him if it is hidden? It is inconsistent, you better throw all these “newly originated” doctrines on the name of God out of the garbage.

  3. In the New Testament Jesus never called his FATHER Yahweh.He called him FATHER.The disciples asked Jesus ..”How should we pray? ” Jesus gave them what we refer to as the LORD’s Prayer. It begins as “Our Father which are in heaven hallowed be thy name….” Jesus was sent to us by our heavenly FATHER he was our guide it was Jesus who was sent to us to show us the narrow path..Our Father in heaven did not send us the apostate Jews and their Pharisees or the Sadducee’s ,nor the Rabbi’s nor their scribes and the Bible writes that the scribes do lie,Our Heavenly FATHER sent us hi anointed one Jesus to make straight the path..Jesus is the narrow gate none else!

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