Daily Tidbits 4/23 – Flowers


Repost: Daily Tidbits 4/23 – Flowers

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The Hebrew word for flower is פרח ‘parach’ which is a combination of the words פר ‘par’ which means fruit and רח ‘rach’ which means scent or aroma.  The fruit that smells…this describes perfectly the flower.  רח is also the root of the word רוח ‘ruach’ which means wind or spirit in Hebrew.  The English word ‘fragrance’ comes from this word פרח as well. In Hebrew, fragrance or aroma is ריח ‘reyach’ which is also from this root רח.

This aroma is speaking of the fruit פר of the Spirit רח…. or פרח ‘parach.’
2Co 2:14  But thanks be to God, the One always leading us in triumph in Christ, and the One revealing through us the odor of the knowledge of Him in every place.
2Co 2:15  For we are a sweet smell to God because of Christ in those being saved, and in those being lost;
2Co 2:16 …

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